Old Mervs’ recipe for success is a simple one: craft deliciously catchy hooks, wrap them in breezy guitars and drums, and write lyrics that capture all the kaleidoscopic experiences of growing up and getting older. It’s simple, but very effective: since they broke out with lo-fi singles like ‘Stick It Out’ and ‘Honey’, Old Mervs have risen to spearhead Australia’s garage-rock revival, amassing a huge fan base that stretches across east and west.

It’s been a quick rise for Dave House and Henry Carrington-Jones, who met as school kids in Western Australia. Drawn together by a desire to jam and just have fun, they hit upon their winning formula after spending hours and hours in a makeshift rehearsal space that they rigged up in an old shed on Henry’s family farm. As the boys tell it, the practice placed them in good stead: they quickly garnered a reputation for their slick and energetic live shows, turning heads and ears all across their own state.

Before long, the duo had locked in support slots for some of the biggest tours in the country, including Liam Gallagher, The Wombats, and Spacey Jane. At the same time they were releasing a string of hugely successful singles – such as the driving 2020 track ‘Cellphone’ and 2021’s bounding ‘Wait Around’. In 2022, Old Mervs delivered their highly anticipated debut EP, Get Better. Recorded and produced with the renowned Dave Parkin (Sly Withers, Spacey Jane), Get Better saw the band take a significant step in their evolution, cementing themselves as one of Australia’s hottest commodities.

The band now return with their most liberated and open-hearted EP yet, Give It Up. Give It Up is Old Mervs’ most cohesive and connected release, bottling their distinct sound and spark and paving the way forward. Give It Up is a band running at full pace at the future ahead, a future that feels endless.