From the moment Teenage Dads pulled together the first strains of early singles like ‘Devil’s Jam’ and ‘Sunburnt’, we’ve known they were striving for something different. Refusing to stay within the bounds of stock-standardAustralian indie, the four-piece from Mornington Peninsula created melodies and rhythms that collided disparate worlds: early 2000s NYC indie, ‘80s acts like Devo and Talking Heads, the explosiveness of bands like Two Door Cinema Club, and something else that is entirely their own. 

In 2021, the band released the Club Echo EP, a collection of tracks that showcased the breadth and depth of talent Teenage Dads had to offer. Singles like ‘Cheerleader’ bottled the anxious and reflective thoughts of growing up in a rapidly moving world which had been rocked by the pandemic, clinging onto memories and the lightness of love. Another highlight, ‘Come On Cowboy. Fire Your Gun!’ stretched outwards and captured the anger directed towards police in the wake of the Black LivesMatter protests. It was a significant step forward for the band – not only sonically and lyrically, but also in the way they work. Before Club Echo, the band was staunchly DIY with Finlay recording, mixing, and mastering all the band’s releases by himself at home. Now, with the structure of a label around them, the band could amplify their vision – while still keeping firm control of their direction. 

Never ones to slow down, the band are keeping the momentum humming with the release of Midnight Driving. A diverse and compelling collection of songs, Midnight Driving sees the band press into unexplored sonic territory. Perfecting the blueprint provided by Club Echo, the band introduce more synth-heavy arrangements that expand their palette a further dig into what they want Teenage Dads to be.